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What he lacks in wit, he makes up for in strength. The Goblin Guard is the first (and sometimes the last) thing Magi encounter in their attempt to reach the home of the Goblin King , deep within the bowels of the Majestic Castle.

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Quotes Edit

"(Halt) you going there, You can't café Magi, I got the goblin king's chamber and he most not even stiring, go back home waitin' belong." - Goblin Guard can't the door

"(Argh) What's that? (Wiggle) Hmmm... I'll better go check that door. Nobody better trust me, past me, or every trust your I blind command style." - Goblin Guard is knocking the door

"Hey now what's that? Is that gold over there?! Oooo it is!! More gold than old bandyshanks pays me waitin' for a silly princess!!" - New version of the Goblin Guard