Great Wolf Lodge - Grand Mound, WA

The Great Wolf Lodge in Grand Mound, WA contains this Forest Realm MagiQuest game location. The game area uses the first 5 floors of the hotel including hallways, staircase/stairwells, areas near the Sky Bridge, and sections of the Lobby & Great Room.

Game Areas

Available Quests

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Available Adventures

Compass QuestsEdit

After purchasing your Compass, visit Bartholomew's Compass Quest Status Station to begin the 9 Compass Quests.

You have 9 minutes to complete most Compass Quests. The Wayfinder Rune Compass Quest has no time limit. The Master Cartographer Rune Compass Quest has a 15 minute time limit instead of 9 minutes.

Place your Compass into a Compass Quest Wayfinder Podium and lights and sounds will indicate your on the right track. If your don't get any lights you may be at the wrong Wayfinder Podium as they may need to be reached in a certain order.

You can also check your status on a Compass Quest by waving your wand at any Quest Tree or Status Station to find out how many minutes you have left to complete the current Compas Quest.

Shadow Quest (contains spoilers!)Edit

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Shadow Quest

In addition to Compass Quest and Magi Quest, Shadow Quest only requires a wand. You can switch between Shadow Quest and Magi Quest.

The storyline is that you have to stop the evil yeti or Shadowlord Malaki from stealing the light. The first 5 quests and adventure are given to you by a light pixie named Lumina. The second 5 quests and adventure are given to you by Ivan the Runemaster Yeti who once was Malaki's teacher before a great duel that forced Malaki to flee through a portal to the darkness.

There are two parts, both have 5 runes and 1 adventure. But only after completing parts 1 & 2 do you receive a reward.

Shadow Quest contains location/portal screens (city , mountain , forest , swamp , sea ) that change from day and night (countdown timer) so you have to wave your wand at the right time of day or night depending on the quest to get the item you need.

There are also 5 colored crystals (red, white, green, yellow, blue) in Shadow Quest. Each Shadow Quest Colored Crystal has a fast blinking, normal blinking, and slow

ShadowQuest at Great Wolf Lodge

ShadowQuest at Great Wolf Lodge

blinking crystal. It does matter what crystal color/speed you need for a quest.

The Shadow Quest Encounter Room is in Forgotten Hall near the quest tree under the main stairway. 

You can check your status at a Quest Tree or any Character Status Station.

Conceptual Art

Here are the order of quests and adventures:

Part 1 Quests:

  • Track Magic Rune
  • Sky Light Rune

Part 1 Adventure:

  • Investigate the Vanishing Light Adventure

Part 2 Quests:

  • Stone Rune

Part 2 Adventure:

  • The Final Battlle


Part 1 Adventure:

On the Investigate the Vainshing Light Adventure first you have to go to all the broken portal daylight places then to the Shadow Quest Encounter Room. Then use the Track Magic Rune, then use the Sky Light Rune, and Finally use the Lock Portal Rune and your off to part 2 of the quests.

Part 2 Adventure:

You will need the Stone Rune, Agon Rune, Snowman Rune, Avalanche Rune, Banish Creature Rune, and Lock Portal Rune in the final battle with Shadowlord Malakai. Depending on what magic Malaki uses you choose a rune of attack or defense. If Malakai summons a greenish smoke circling the screen use the Agon Rune to attack with fire. If Malaki is about to use darkness use the Stone Rune to defend with a stone wall or Ivan will save no matter the heatlh you have. If Malaki is going to summon winged wolf night minion creatures use the Snowman Rune to summon a Snowman to protect you. If Malakai is going to charge at you use the Avalanche Rune for defense (odd that a yeti does not like snow). So far there has been no reason for the Snow Rune yet. Finally press the Banish Creature Rune and the Lock Portal Rune and shake you wand at the screen and you win and ar awarded with the Medal/Pedestal of Light.

Parts 1 & 2 Completed:

Awarded the Medal/Pedestal of Light


Grand Mound, WA RunesEdit

23 Runes/tokens for Magi Quest & Compass Quest + 12 Shadow Quests = total 35 which can be earned through questing and adventuring at the GWL Grand Mound, WA location.