Realms are the gameplay areas of the MagiQuest Universe.

Physical Realm LocationsEdit

Kingdom RealmsEdit

  • Myrtle Beach, South Carolina (Mega Kingdom) ( Closed )
  • East Hanover, New Jersey
  • Pigeon Forge, Tennessee
  • Mall of America, Minnesota (Closed)
  • Yorktown Center, IL (Closed)
  • Six Flags Great America, IL (Closed)
  • Palisades, NY (Closed)
  • Tokyo Dome, Japan (Mega Kingdom)
  • Lagunasia, Japan
  • Downers Grove, IL (Closed)

Forest RealmsEdit


Quests can be accepted in order to acquire quest runes that can be used to overcome obstacles and duel enemies on adventures.

Classic QuestsEdit

Classic quests are quests that are listed in The Ancient Book of Wisdom.

Quests that are not in pamphletsEdit

Master Magi Quests Edit

In between the Classic Quests and the Heroic Quests, there are these quests, only accessible to Master Magi. These quests are used in dueling Winterra, the Ice Dragon.

Heroic Quests Edit

Heroic quests do not have any hints and are not listed in The Ancient Book of Wisdom . The prerequesite to these quests are the Classic and Master Magi Quests. Heroic quests grant more powerful runes as well as increased gold .These quests are basically more intense versions of the Classic Quests, and there is one for each Classic Quest.


WARNING: Contains Spoilers! Adventures are the parts of MagiQuest where you go off to solve a problem. There are lots of Adventures and here they are : The Fire Dragon, The Goblin King, The Pixie, The Unicorn, The Ice Dragon, the Silver Dragon, the Duel Master, and The Ursa Major (for Great Wolf Lodge locations only). .

Now for the plots of the Adventures that I know. The last adventure is the Ursa Major Adventure stone . There is a bear named Ursa Major that needs to become a constellation, but must have all the gemstones first, which you will collect.

The Fire Dragon is about how Charlock the Red Dragon has gone about stealing everyone`s gold. Armed with the Protection, Freezing, Portal, and Ice Arrow rune, you must go defeat him.. You must freeze him, and then hit him with an ice arrow 3 times. When Charlock tries to blast you with fire, you must cast the Protection rune. He will then reward you with the Fire Dragon Rune and 25,000 gold pieces and also twenty dollars.

The Pixie Adventure is about how you need to help the Pixies fly again. The Pixie leader, Serena, has lost the Pixie's crystal. You need to find it, heal it twice and restore its dazzling power twice. Then you will be rewarded with 2,000 gold pieces and the Pixie's Crystal, which bestows you good health and you get four dollars.

The Goblin King is about how you must get Princess Candice's jewels back from him. To duel him, you must hit him five times with the Lightning Rune. You must also pass a Goblin Guard before getting into the King's chambers. You need to Distract Rune the guard. After that, you must return the jewels to Princess Candice. Princess Candice is played by none other than Candice Night herself. Candice will reward you with the Andover Amulet and 2,000 gold pieces. The Andover Amulet reverses your opponent`s spell and also ten dollars.

The Silver Dragon originally could only be accessed to those who had completed the online game, but after the online game was shut down in late 2012, it became available to anyone with the Red Dragon Rune and the Master Magi Rune, playable like any other adventure. After you defeated him you get sixty dollars.