Since the crypt is so dark, you only see the Shaow Master’s glowing eyes

The Shadow master took Glittertail's star amulet. Glittertail is now weak without it. You must go to the crypt to fight the Shadow Master and retrive the star. You need 4 runes to complete this adventure: The Music Rune, The Healing Rune, The Distract Rune and The Lightning Rune. You first have to travel to the man in the Old man in the stone, who will challenge you with some sort of task. Then you go to the crypt and use The Distract Rune to distract the gargoyles at the entrance. Then you use The Lightning Runeto defeat the Shadow Master once inside the crypt. The Ancient Book of Wisdom says, "He lurks in the darkness, this stealthy wand- caster who summons the night from the winds of disaster. This maven of moonlight they call Shadow Master Can only be conquered with lightning that's faster!" Once you defeat the shadow master you travel back to glittertail to return the star. But she then discovers that it has lost it’s magic. Then you must use The Music Rune to enchant the star with it’s magic again. Then you have compleated the Glittertail/Shadow Master quest.