In Gameplay Edit


Serena, the pixie queen, with the Radiant Crystal

The Green Radiant Crystal is most notably in the Pixie adventrue. It is the main source of magic for all the pixies in the magiquest realm. The crystal has been tampered with and is broken. In the adventure, you eventually heal the Crystal and all the pixie’s powers are returned. After compleating this adventure, Serena (The pixie queen) with grant you a fragment of this crystal. The crystal is said to give the user unbreakable protection!


The reward given to you by Serena herself. This is for purchase in the Magiquest store

Dueling Edit

Any reward you have obtained can be used in dueling. The Radiant Crystal is a very useful item when used in dueling. When using the crystal in dueling, you summon Serena who will restore 80 mana points. If you upgrade the radiant crystal, then you still restore 80 points of mana, but also does 30 damage to your opponent.