The Track Magic Rune we make a follow the magic trail.

Wisconsin Dells, WI Edit

  1. Swamp Spyglass - Next to the swamp in Whispery woods.
  2. Sea Spyglass - Then into the seaside in the whispering woods.
  3. Mountain Spyglass - Way up of the mountains in the whispering woods.
  4. Spyglass - Whispering woods
  5. Lumina - Completed the lady in the leaves. - whispering woods

Anaheim, CA Edit

  1. Swamp Spyglass - I'm looking at the swamp with The Wetlands in Tangled Timbers.
  2. Sea Spyglass - Next to the seaside with The Sea in Coastal Cliffs.
  3. Mountain Spyglass - Up higher of the Mountain that is realm station in Cryptic Caverns.
  4. Lumina - You completed the quest is the Air Portal in Coastal Cliffs.