There are several different replacement "orbs", known as "toppers", available for purchase. There is also a rune keeper on which to keep purchased rune replicas. The orb toppers relate to the specific clans that the player can join. While the toppers relate to the clans, the player, or Magi, can choose any topper s/he wishes. The Clans are:

  • Warrior (red) - Warriors' strength is in their bravery. Clan members have the power of dueling. They wield the power of lightning in their wand. Only the Man in the Mist can grant other Magi this power.
  • Woodsy (green) - Woodsy's strength is in their relationship with nature. Clan members can summon any naturalistic element or enchanted creatures to help them in their quest. This power of creature enchantment can only be granted to Magi of other clans by Serena the Pixie.
  • Trickster (purple) - Trickster's strength is in their magic. Clan members often use jokes, magic, or music to distract their opponents. Only Glittertail the unicorn can grant this musical power to Magi of other clans.
  • Shadow (black) - Shadow's strength is in their power and deceit. Shadow can disappear from a place on cue and easily distract their opponents. The stone gargoyle is the only one who can grant this Distraction Rune to Magi of other clans.
  • Majestic (blue or pink) - Majestic's strength is in their healing powers. Members of this caste possess the power to heal themselves and others. Magi of other clans can obtain this power after an encounter with Princess Candice or Princess Amora.

Toppers, Powers, and Recharge Requirements (A list of these can also be found while creating a new wand; however, powers vary by location):

  • Red Dragon/Global Dragon: Using the power "Fireburst", Magi can instantly defeat the Silver Dragon, Wintera, the Goblin King, and the Dark One Who Dwells in the Crypt, (Defeat Charlock to recharge this ability.)
  • Ice Dragon/Wintera: Using the power "Iceburst", Magi can instantly defeat Charlock, the Goblin King, and the Dark One Who Dwells in the Crypt (Defeat Wintera to recharge this ability)
  • Skull/Dark Stone: Using the power of the "Laughing Skull", Magi can instantly defeat Wintera, Charlock, and the Dark One Who Dwells in the Crypt (Recover the Princess' Jewels to recharge this ability)
  • Pegasus/Unicorn Horn: Using the power of "Music", Magi can ask Esmeralda the Spider, the Old Man in the Stone, and the Unicorn for what the Magi seeks from them and it shall be given freely (Recover the Unicorn's Star to recharge this ability). At locations without the Unicorn, this power grants all Magi in the kingdom a great abundance of gold from the Chaos Chest (recharged by finding the Dazzle, Enchant, and Healing runes in a set)
  • Ice Crystal/Pixie: Using the power of "Nature's Favor", Magi can dazzle the Pixie's Crystal or Unicorn Star, or summon all of the Princess' jewels and return them to her. (Accept and complete the Music Rune quest to recharge this ability). In ShadowQuest, this power can manipulate time to your favor at any virtual environment (this never needs recharging).
  • Pink Gem/Majestic Crown: Using the power of "Healing", you can heal the Pixie's Crystal or Unicorn Star, or you can get an extra chance to defeat the dragons or Goblin King. (Accept and Complete the Healing Rune quest to recharge this ability.)
  • Armillary: Magi can summon the "Owl", who can provide valuable knowledge that will assist them during a quest (Accept and Complete both Master Magi quests to recharge this ability; this recharge power does not apply to Great Wolf Lodge locations)
  • Trickster's Crown: Using the power of "Laughter", Magi can make the kingdom smile by confronting he who put the spider in the queen's cider, or, at locations without Quivermore, the Chaos Chest (Pay a large amount of gold to the Trickster to recharge)
  • The Blue Claw: Magi can instantly summon Xavier into the kingdom. (Accept and complete all basic quests at the location in a set; Celestial and Great Wolf Runes do not count.)

You can choose your clan and choose a topper and decorations that correspond with the clan that you chose.