Winterra in her ice cave

Winterra , the Ice Dragon is the twin sister of Charlock the Red Dragon who holds powers equal to her brother’s. She prefers the icy cold depths of the Dungeon to her brother’s volcanic chambers, and has an icy breath that can defeat magi in a single blow. Winterra is one antagonist in MagiQuest, the others being Charlock, Silver Dragon, and Goblin King.

WARNING: Spoilers Below!

Winterra is the center of the Ice Dragon saga. Which can only be unlocked once you have completed the twelve regular rune quests (Master Magi). You also need the Red Dragon rune to unlock a duel with Winterra. A series of 3 quests (Fire, Potion, and Shield) and one adventure (The Ice Dragon Adventure). This saga's quest master is Carren. The spells used to defeat her are Fire Shield, Fire Arrow, Fire, and Reveal. These are achieved through enchantments in the beginning of the adventure.

Upon entering the lair, she tells you that she knows that you have defeated Charlock and gained acess to her lair, but defeating her will be no easier than her brother. You must now use the Fire Shield spell to shield yourself from Winterra's icy breath. She will then roar at you, followed by a 360-degree turn. During the turn, use the Reveal Rune to highlight one of her weak points. The first weak point will be located on her tail, the second on her torso, and the third on her head. Afterwards, use the Fire Rune to hold her in place. While she's inflamed, quickly shoot her with the Flame Arrow. You will know that she got hit by your magic when that part of her body turns a burning orange. Repeat 2 more times until Winterra is completely orange. If you don't use the Fire Rune, Winterra will breathe ice that will instantly kill you, and there is nothing you can do about it.

Quotes Edit

"This you don't by the past so it's me when tell got way ice bright, you out most for out Magi." - Winterra when damaged once

"No improbable, No Magi had pausedly out to me. This time should be the lasting." - Winterra when almost defeated

"Hello greeting Magi you have busted enter red dragon in the duel, I'll got it X-S to the secret can I chambers that dragons, To go any bearer or what you are prations big mo's you will past it the ten to we me." - Winterra when the duel begins

"Okay... So I was wrong about you. It seems that you have accomplished the impossible and are truly a Master Magi. Your magical powers and skills are greater than mine. For your valiant act, I reward you with two thousand gold and three thousand experience points. You have also earned this special rune. This rune is very valuable and powerful. It can create freezing, unlike any other. Someday, you may learn to wield it. Now, please go and leave me in peace, brave Magi, for I must rest to regain my powers..." - Winterra when the Magi defeats her